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Picture of our current Commander, Samantha Fordyce, AP

USPS Carquinez-Your Boating Education Resource

Commander Samantha Fordyce, AP

Welcome to homepage of the Carquinez Sail and Power Squadron, a unit of the United States Power Squadrons, the largest non profit sail and power boating education organization in the world. We are also a part of District 25 of the San Francisco Bay Area-Sacramento Delta region of the State of California. Since 1961 we have been active in the Vallejo, Napa, Benicia, and Fairfield areas, teaching boating safety courses, performing a public service with our vessel safety checks and co-operative charting ventures, and above all, having fun being part of the boating community.

If you live in, or boat in, our area, I invite you to take an America's Boating Course® class. This introductory boating safety course, put together by our national organization, get's you started with the essential information needed to safely sail local waters. Even old hands can benefit from this course, which organizes the knowledge of years of trial and error.

For those of you desiring a more in depth education I urge you to join our squadron and take the more advanced level courses and electives available to our members. You will not only increase your boating knowledge, and be able to relax more on the water, but enjoy the camaraderie of other sailors and power boaters.

Boating is Fun...We'll Show You How